Monday, April 9, 2012


    Sometimes life seems to be overloaded don't you think."The hustle and bustle of life always in the don't you wish you could slow down .Well now you can." Doesn't  this sound like a commercial you have heard on your TV or seen on the Internet .Away to combat stress is take  hot baths or as warm as you can stand with Epstein salts .Drinking green tea in the morning instead of coffe and it works just as well.
(by the way this is not proven by doctors. this is just what I think.)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

life or something

Have you ever thought that if life was this way it would be perfect? Well guess what welcome to my world .I always try to please but it never goes the way I want it to. And on big holidays most of the family is never there but some times it all works it self out .I wander what a perfect world would be like where every one could be happy and no one had to worry where there next meal was coming from I think that world would be amazing but it is not reality. The reality is that there are wars which are never ending and  the food that people in the world have is not split equally.
so sit there and think about it and do not forget to comment.